Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an HOA? 
HOA stands for "Homeowner's Association". HOAs are common in many new, single-family housing developments, as well as in condominium and townhouse complexes. An HOA is the governing body of the development or complex, usually comprising homeowners who have volunteered to serve on the HOA board.

Q. Who is on our Board?
Great question! Over time, our HOA Board has slowly dwindled due to people moving away and just the natural progression.  There is a group of neighbors, the Reorganization Team, who have come together to re-energize and reinvent the Shadowbrook HOA.  We will be having a development-wide meeting soon in order to inform the community of changes in the HOA and to elect new Board members.  Check back HERE for more information once the meeting is scheduled.

Q. What are our HOA's Bylaws?
You can see our HOA's Bylaws by CLICKING HERE.

Q. How are my HOA fees spent?  
HOA fees, or "Dues" are an integral part of ensuring our Shadowbrook community remains a safe and beautiful place to call home. While dues cover the cost of many mandatory expenses like insurance, should something happen on any of our common areas, they are also used to maintain the beauty of our common grounds, our entrances, and our seven ponds that surround our prestigious neighborhood.  It is vital that these areas are maintained properly to ensure the safety of our children as well as contribute to the value of our properties.

Q. What areas are considered "common" or for public use for our development?  
A. Please see the development map by CLICKING HERE.

Q. Where can I voice a concern or ask a question?
Part of an HOA's responsibility is to address the concerns of our residents.  Have a question or concern? Email us HERE and we will be happy to answer it for you or direct you to someone who can help.

Q. Can I pay my dues online?
Yes! You can now pay safely and secure online through PayPal with any major credit card or directly through your banking account by CLICKING HERE.

Q. I want to get involved. How can I help?
Great! Running an HOA takes a lot of work and it needs to be a combined effort among all residents, as we all have a vested interest in making sure our Shadowbrook community is running efficiently. We are always looking for volunteers- from sitting on the Board, to joining a committee, to helping stuff envelopes for different communications to our residents- there are many different ways to help. Email us or contact us through the Resident Input page by CLICKING HERE and we will find a perfect fit for you in helping to keep Shadowbrook a wonderful place to live!